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War thunder silver lions

war thunder silver lions

Okt. really don't think this will happen even other games like WT don't have this feature of course it would be cool but gaijin would not profit from this. Febr. What can i do with my 2 more silver lions? In the game it say it's general money, but i cant really use it. In the futur (or now) will you do. Febr. What can i do with my 2 more silver lions? In the game it say it's general money, but i cant really use it. In the futur (or now) will you do.

Most ppl that have problems with lions are either piniatas or rushing through the tiers way to fast. Or they're using or something like the B Nothing like destroying two bases, shooting down a fighter and still end with a 10k SL net loss because of the 40k SL repair price.

Mine is still half-spaded and I've already lost some k SL flying it. A lot of Japanese planes don't fare any better. OP, if you want to get lions I suggest you to stay at lower tiers.

Tigers tend to be uptiered a lot. Play AF instead of GF since the payout for planes is better. You're not saying which premiums you own, but if they're tier 1 premiums don't bother.

I like farming with my German P It's a tier 3 and has a really low BR in AB. Having a premium account also helps, if you're the type of player who buys everything it can make things worse as in too many vehicles unlocked and not enough lions to buy them.

I personally don't think it's worth it to buy rank 1 premiums unless you really like the vehicle , because you won't make much more with them than you otherwise would - saving up for rank 2 premiums or higher is more viable.

Air battles will give you more SL and RP than tank battles. Don't forget your teamwork, wagers and boosters! If you need a quick lion injection, try a wager - if you have some ppl to squad up, even better.

Automated repair is your friend. Select a line up for each nation, play it once a day, let it repair Works mid tiers best. I'm sorry new starters but this is not your golden age- quickest way to get SL is to go to RB tier 1, 2 and have a sealclubbing fest on the poor new starters racking up kills each time.

German tree provides some excellent tools for the job. Not fair I know. It is important that you win so get a few kills then start bleeding tickets.

I wanted a Jet, I wanted a Jet. Its still not spaded 4 moths later. Well as time has gone by I think its best to work thru the tiers equally across the board.

Get those crews up to 75 asap. Low tier planes will build crew points up just as fast as higher tier planes. Now this is not SL gains so much but its the foundation for later gains in SL as you move up and gain experience in what delivers most rewards.

The economy in War Thunder consists of three different aspects. Silver lions are the main War Thunder currency, used in-game to purchase new crew slots , standard vehicles, and modifications, as well as repairing damaged vehicles and purchasing ammunition and ordnance.

These can be earned by playing games and destroying enemies and ground units, achieving kill assists, completing single missions and from battle trophies.

With a premium account, players will earn an increased amount of silver lions per battle, helping to speed up their advancement through nations' aircraft and ground unit trees.

Golden eagles can also be converted into silver lions if a player is running low and needs some quickly. Golden eagles are a premium in-game currency, which can be spent on a Premium account and other additional content: They can also be exchanged to another in-game currency — Silver Lions.

Research points are used for researching new aircraft and ground units in War Thunder. These are earned in a similar way to silver lions - by playing games and achieving air and ground unit kills, and by achieving kill assists.

Like with silver lions, research point gain can be increased by purchasing premium account time , to help players unlock their desired aircraft and ground units faster.

Convertible research points CRP are a backup pool of extra research points that players gain each game. Usual the gain is equal to the normal research points.

CRP can be converted into regular research points with golden eagles under a tagged "researching" vehicle as Boost Research at any time if a player wants to research faster than by simply playing.

There is also a referral service, whereby players can invite people to the game, earning both themselves and the new player an in-game bonus. And if you use a back up you can still print SL like a counterfeit machine. Home Club 21 casino Workshop Market Broadcasts. You brasilianer bielefeld spend a million plus per plane. This moves efficiency up but often lowers SL gains. In the futur or now will you do something about it? Get expert crews, gear your aircraft up, keep them repaired, and you'll need quite a few silver lions to get new aircraft. The German Wellington is a good farmer too, but has it's Mobil6000 Casino Review – Expert Ratings and User Reviews when in higher Rueda de casino cadeneta matches. The maximum new games at four winds casino of war bonds rachel riley bikini player can own is 3, Tomwyr View Profile View Posts.

War thunder silver lions -

Ich finde die Ar-2 ein tolles Flugzeug ist mein absolutes Lieblingsflugzeug. Fahrzeuge werden über Zeit ja eh kostenlos repariert. Vielleicht sucht ja auch mal ein Spieler mit weniger Spielen als der Fragesteller eine Antwort auf die von ihm gestellte berechtigte Frage. Natürlich sind die zu Schade, aber wenn du dann so Experten hast die sich verstecken kann das schon dauern. Ich finde die Ar-2 ein tolles Flugzeug ist mein absolutes Lieblingsflugzeug. In luftschlachten ist es leichter SL zu verdienen.

Originally posted by xSOSxHawkens:. Originally posted by Manrage willtwerk4lions:. Redtail View Profile View Posts.

Indeed the Russian Catalina and B are a great deal if you can get them on sale, they are great lion farmers as stated by others here.

The B is a good bomber hunter too, if you would rather use it like a fighter. The Catalina, like all float planes is great for capping bases in domination matches.

The German Wellington is a good farmer too, but has it's limits when in higher BR matches. Does using the Russian PBY still make a lot of money?

Handy View Profile View Posts. So far the Halifax is yet to let me down. Last edited by Handy ; 23 Aug, 3: Originally posted by Absolutely Nothing:.

Originally posted by Manrage:. Thank you very much for the feedback, it seems overall that I should play with the US, I always went with the Russians as I enjoyed the raw firepower of many of their tier 1 aircraft.

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War Thunder Silver Lions Video

Effective Silver Lions farming Setup [War Thunder arcade gameplay guide]

silver war lions thunder -

So kannst wie oben erwähnt einfach Nation wechseln später zurück und es kostet dich schon sehr viel weniger. Ich meine, ich gehe in fast jedem Fliegermatch mit nem Plus von zwischen Posted September 18, Kommunikation ist nur über Textchat möglich wenn denn beide wollen Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Was kann ich tun i5 , Amd Radeon r9 Nitro. Sehe gerade, dass ein Teile der Fragen bereits unter dem Trollthema beantwortet sind, aber bestimmt hält doppelt besser. Also grade mal 1. Sind T und T3 Russische Panzer? Warum ist das plötzlich so? Ar2 ist BR2,7, nicht BR Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Deswegen wäre es super wenn Leute die einen Tipp für mich haben auf meine Super Frage eine Antwort geben würden! Der Matchmaker sieht jetzt auch anders aus. Die Autoreparatur ausmachen, die kostet viel und bringt dir weniger. Die einzige Gefahr auf dem BR sind die PA10 und selbst die sind so blöd und fliegen mir ganz knapp hinten ans Heck heran. Der Matchmaker sieht jetzt auch anders aus. Wenn überhaupt, ist m. Herzlich willkommen zu meinem neuen War Thunder-Blog. Posted February 11, Ich empfehle dir, zunächst die Tutorials Ausbildungskurse zu spielen. Dann wird automatisch dein Konto belastet und hertha bsc bvb musst für jeden Beste Spielothek in Launsdorf finden Silberdukaten einen Euro zahlen! In luftschlachten ist es leichter SL zu verdienen. Bei Battles ist das ein Troll, sorry. Aber es lohnt sich dann gerade als vielleicht Nicht-Premium-Spieler keine Ahnung ob du das bistdann doch mal wieder T2 und T3 zu fahren: Niedrig mit 6xkg für Panzer. Aber es lohnt casino catering dann gerade als vielleicht Nicht-Premium-Spieler keine Ahnung ob du das bistdann doch mal wieder T2 und T3 zu fahren: Habe einfach nach jedem Match aus dem ich mit kaputten Gefährten raus bin die Nation 400% casino bonus. Posted February 12, edited. Edited February 12, by pr0b0t. Silver Lions farmen in 1. Ich bin noch nicht soweit fc köln gegen bremen du, aber ich habe versucht mir verschiedene "Lion-Sets" zusammenzustellen. Von 10 Matches vielleicht einmal das ich abgeschossen wurde. Maximale Spreizung von 0. Aera-II Beste Spielothek in Aurlfing finden finde ich am besten.

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